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Learning to smile: Be happy, share happy


Could the secret to happy patients be found in a smile? Dr. Richard Castellano offers his observations and advice.

If you’re looking for happiness, you won’t find it under the life categories of wealth, education, social status - even health. You’ll find it right under your nose, according to facial plastic surgeon Richard Castellano, M.D., who practices in Tampa and The Villages, Fla.

The secret to your happiness and that of those around you is simply your genuine smile, he says.

Dr. Castellano, author of The Smile Prescription, presented on this decidedly different approach to facial aesthetics yesterday at the Global Aesthetics Conference, in Miami Beach, Fla.

“There is nothing plastic surgeons can do that looks more attractive than Mother Nature’s free facelift, our genuine smile!” Dr. Castellano says.

The facial plastic surgeon challenges his colleagues to smile more and when they might not normally smile. He challenges doctors to look at themselves in a mirror or on their smartphones, in selfie mode, and smile - a big smile. Those who have their phones should take a picture of their smiles and send it to others, according to Dr. Castellano.

The result? It feels good to the person smiling. And for others to smile back is almost a reflex. The first try might seem awkward, but Dr. Castellano promises it gets easier and feels better to smile more.

He offers these tips for Cosmetic Surgery Times’ readers:

  • Realize that the primary goal of plastic and cosmetic surgeons is to make our patients smile!

  • Smiling is like a language, and you must immerse yourself in smiling if you really want to be able to give smiles to others freely.

The Smile Prescription will be available in late November 2015. 

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