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International Consensus Recommend Acne Scar Treatments


Twenty four international plastic surgeons and dermatologists came together to provide a consensus on the treatment of acne scars.

Acne scars are a distressing and long-term consequence of acne vulgaris and often have a damaging effect on the acne patient’s physical, mental, and social well‐being. While many treatments are available, international treatment guidelines have not been updated to current practices.

For the first time, 24 renowned, international plastic surgeons and dermatologists from 12 different countries collaborated to provide a consensus on what is the most effective treatments for specific acne scar cases.

The review article, led by Ofir Artzi, MD, director of aesthetic dermatology at Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel, is titled, “Energy-based devices for the treatment of acne scars: 2021 international consensus recommendations.” 

This study, published in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine (LSM), the official journal of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), was selected as the November 2021 Editor’s Choice, according to the press release.

The article includes discussion and panel recommendations on the role of energy-based devices (EBDs) in minimizing and treating acne scars in patients with active acne. It also covers the use of EBDs for the treatment of different acne scar types focusing on commonly used laser platforms like vascular lasers, ablative fractional lasers (AFLs) and non‐AFLs (NAFLs), while also diving into treatment combinations, and acne scar treatments in skin of color (SOC). 

“There is a paucity of high‐quality clinical studies supporting many acne scar therapies and combinations. This study is aimed to provide clear, stepwise, consensus‐based treatment recommendations for the different types of acne scars,” Artzi said.


1. International consensus recommendations for the treatment of acne scars. American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Press release. Published November 10, 2021. Accessed November 23, 2021. https://www.aslms.org/about-aslms/media-center/news/2021/11/10/international-consensus-recommendations-for-the-treatment-of-acne-scars 

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