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ILDS, ISD, and More Celebrate World Skin Health Day


July 8th has been established as World Skin Health Day, with celebrations planned and anticipated on a global scale.

On July 8, 2024, the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) and the International Society of Dermatology (ISD) will inaugurate the first official World Skin Health Day.1

The commemoration aims to enhance awareness and action towards achieving "Skin Health for All," this year's theme, with special activities planned worldwide. As a key partner, CeraVe will play a significant role in this global initiative by spotlighting new survey data and amplifying dermatology changemakers.

Though World Skin Health Day was first established in 2013, this year marks the first time that global celebrations and acknowledgement have taken place on the same day.1

World Skin Health Day graphic

The Need for Increased Skin Health Awareness

Timed to World Skin Health Day, CeraVe recently released survey findings highlighting the urgent need for increased skin health education and the obstacles that hinder American adults from receiving adequate care.2

Conducted among 1,000 US adults, the survey revealed that while 80% experience skin concerns, 1 in 4 suffers from more serious conditions. Only 40% reported visiting a dermatologist annually for a skin check.

Survey results underscored the barriers to dermatological care:2

  • 27% of respondents cited long wait times.
  • 20% mentioned lack of insurance.
  • 18% pointed to limited availability of dermatologists. Additionally, one-third of Americans reported that they cannot afford dermatological care, and more than half (54%) visit general health care providers for skin health issues, indicating a gap in specialized care.

CeraVe's Commitment to Skin Health

To address these challenges, CeraVe has become the first official corporate partner of World Skin Health Day, leveraging its extensive network of dermatologists to support ILDS and ISD in their mission. As part of this collaboration, CeraVe is sponsoring events across North America, Argentina, Malta, Tanzania, Nepal, and Australia. These initiatives focus on educating the public about the importance of equitable skin care access and connecting dermatologists with patients in need.

6 Regional Events: Spotlight on Global Initiatives

Six dedicated events will be conducted across different regions.

In Malta, free dermatological consultations and treatments will be provided to displaced and vulnerable populations at migrant centers. This effort is supported by cultural mediators and migrant NGOs.

A 10-day Skin Cancer Prevention Program will be launched in Mbeya, focusing on providing dermatological services to individuals with albinism. This initiative will take place at the Mbeya Regional Referral Hospital and various clinics throughout the region.

In Canada, a clinic will host an educational session on skin care for teenagers and pre-teens, offering guidance and free dermatologist-approved products to parents and children. This will be followed by an online forum targeting general practitioners.

Australia will see an online patient group forum led by dermatologist Stephen Schumack, OAM, FACD. The discussion will cover global barriers to dermatological care, the financial burden of skin diseases, and the associated stigma. Insights from this forum will contribute to a report on the impact of skin diseases on patients.

Nepal will launch a national campaign including outreach clinics for vulnerable populations, educational programs for teachers and health care workers, stakeholder meetings, and a medical education session in Kathmandu.

In Patagonia, Argentina, San Martín de los Andes Hospital will host free consultations and educational sessions for patients, health care workers, students, and children. Dermatologists from Argentina and neighboring countries will participate.

In the United States, CeraVe has mobilized dermatologists to become "Derm Changemakers" by offering free skin checks in local communities. Through its partnership with the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, CeraVe is welcoming dermatologists to participate in select clinics nationwide on July 8.

This effort aims to make skin care more accessible to patients and communities that are often underserved.

Statements from ILDS and ISD Leaders

Professor Henry Lim, President of the ILDS, emphasized the pervasive impact of skin diseases, affecting approximately 1.8 billion people with over 3,000 different conditions. He highlighted the dual burden of these diseases on individuals and public health systems, advocating for increased awareness and improved access to dermatological care.

"World Skin Health Day is a vital opportunity to raise awareness and advocate for higher standards of care and accessibility," Lim said.1

Nellie Konnikov, MD, president of the ISD, reflected on the decade-long history of World Skin Health Day, which has reached over 42 million people and provided essential care to more than 190,000 patients in over 50 countries.

She encouraged continued participation and contribution to the initiative, stating, "Join us in raising awareness, providing care, or offering educational opportunities to further benefit individuals and communities worldwide."


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  2. New survey shows 80 percent of adults experience skin concerns, yet less than half visit a dermatologist annually. News release. PR Newswire; CeraVe. July 2, 2024. Accessed July 8, 2024.
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