Hairbrush helps calm down static

ForBabs introduces their X-Static hairbrush that keeps fly-aways and frizz at bay.

With the beginning of summer comes the humidity-induced frizz. However, ForBabs is introducing a hairbrush aimed at subduing that pesky static for smooth, frizz-free hair.

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The X-Static hairbrush is a patent-pending brush designed with a unique sheet equipped with bristles that users are able to tear and throw away.

Creator of the X-Static, Annette Crone, frequently encountered frizz when she set off on business travel as a marketer and entrepreneur. After trying countless “hair hacks,” she opted to find her own solution

“I just wasn’t satisfied with any option out there,” Crone says in a press release. “Dryer sheets felt sterile and awkward, hair static sheets felt far too wet — I knew there had to be a simpler, more effective alternative.”

Aside from the hairbrush, ForBabs also suggests tying hair hacks to eliminate fly-aways, including dryer sheets, extra conditioner, moisturizer, ionic hair dryers and combing with hair spray.

More information about the X-Static hairbrush can be found at

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