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First Genetic Test for Hair Loss


New TrichoTest aims to help clinicians diagnose and treat alopecia.

Fagron North America, a pharmaceutical compounding company, introduced TrichoTest, a genetic test developed to support assessment and treatment of alopecia.

TrichoTest tests patients’ DNA for 13 genes and 48 genetic variations related to alopecia and was developed using microarray technology. 

During testing, TrichoTest analyzed prostaglandins metabolism, inflammation, androgenic effect, vasodilation and blood circulation, collagen synthesis, vitamins and minerals metabolism, and insulin-like growth factor metabolism. 

“TrichoTest is the most innovative test on the market that helps physicians get to the root cause of alopecia,” said Michael Willoughby, president of GX Sciences, Austin, Texas. 

The TrichoTest, according to Fagron North America, is the most complete genetic test for alopecia. It supports the effectiveness of treatment and can help clinicians choose the best treatment options for their patients. 

“As the personalized medicine sector continues to grow, Fagron will be at the forefront of genetic testing,” Willoughby said. 


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