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Endo Aesthetics Announces New “Really Cellulite” Campaign


Endo Aesthetics announces the launch of its new, “Really Cellulite” campaign to eliminate the shame associated with cellulite.

Endo Aesthetics, LLC, an aesthetic device company, recently announced the launch of its new campaign targeted to eliminate the shame associated with cellulite.

In a Harris Poll survey of 2,006 women that Endo released in 2020, the company found that 60% of women felt to blame for their cellulite and 49% were bothered “a great deal” or “a lot” by it.

The Really Cellulite campaign will highlight the continued misinformation related to why women experience cellulite and help alleviate feeling responsible for it.

"Aesthetic physicians understand that cellulite is more than skin deep," says Mona Gohara, M.D., a Connecticut-based dermatologist and the vice president of the Women's Dermatologic Society, in the press release announcing the campaign. "This is not only because cellulite is caused by fibrous bands below the surface of the skin—but it also is a reference to how the appearance of cellulite can get under some women's skin and have a negative impact on how they perceive themselves. I hope this campaign will help women understand that cellulite is a very common issue that can stem from a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, hormones, genetics, skin structure, skin texture and body type."

Inspired by the inner monologue many women have with their cellulite, the campaign will include videos and visuals meant to challenge preconceived notions and educate on the “why” and “what” of cellulite.

Each part of the campaign will focus on identifying and explaining the scientific and structural causes of the dimples and be packaged in an amusing and accessible way through social media, influencer content, paid digital ads, customer relationship management (CRM), and website content.

"This campaign was created to remove the stigma associated with cellulite by helping people understand what does and does not cause this very common skin condition," says Robert Catlin, vice president and general manager, Medical Aesthetics at Endo, in the release. "The fun and playful nature of this creative content is designed to provide women with an opportunity to have open and honest conversations with their friends, their online communities and hopefully their aesthetic physicians about what cellulite is and how it makes them feel about their bodies. With this campaign, we aim to challenge women's inner frustrated, 'really, cellulite' monologues, and offer them scientific information that educates on what is Really Cellulite."

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