DMK donates new sanitizer spray to licensed clinics during COVID-19

DMK Skin Care announces the donation of their new sanitizer spray for all licensed clinics. The product is optimized to sanitize clothing, surfaces and skin.

Sanitizing products have become a hot commodity during the current COVID-19 pandemic, with price-gouging and scarcity running rampant. However, DMK, a paramedical skincare company, is aiming to combat that concern by announcing the production of their new UltraSan Surface Sanitizer spray.

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According to a press release, the sanitizer spray kills 99.9% of germs while also being safe for the skin, kids and pets. Containing 70% alcohol in addition to essentials oils, the product sanitizes surfaces, clothing and skin.

“When we saw the shortage, price-gouging, and hording of essential sanitizing supplies we knew we had to do something to support our licensed clinics navigating the ongoing pandemic, and fast,” says Danné Montague-King, biochemist and founder of DMK. “With 45 years of innovative formulation experience, we went to the DMK lab and created a spray product that would be easy to use and keep our community safe, while remaining effective in preventing the spread of bad bacteria.”

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Currently, DMK is donating the sanitizer spray to all licensed clinics who place an order of $250 or more, with 240 liters of sanitizer or 1,000 8-ounce bottles donated to date.

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