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Dermatology Times 2023 In Review: Vitiligo


As 2023 comes to a close, Dermatology Times is taking a look back at the studies, therapies, and advances in vitiligo this year.


Vitiligo: It Is Not Just a Skin Condition

The melanocytes attacked by the autoimmune disease are present in the eyes and ears, not just the skin, so vitiligo can adversely affect vision and hearing.

Vitiligo Treatment and Management

Two specialists discuss prevalence, patient communication, and exciting new therapy.

Updates in Vitiligo Management

Seemal Desai, MD, shares highlights from his session at Winter Clinical Hawaii.

The Impact of Nutrition on IMID

Several dietary approaches have been proposed to play a role in the pathogenesis, management, and/or therapy of diseases such as vitiligo.

Applications of Photodynamic Therapy in Pediatric Age

PDT has an advantage in that it can combine easily with other therapies, thereby increasing its effectiveness rates.

Vitiligo in Different Ethnicities

Clinicians should strive to address the unique medical and aesthetic challenges seen in vitiligo.

Vitiligo in Latin America

Latin America presents a patchwork of challenges and opportunities in vitiligo management according to a review published in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment.

Antioxidants for Vitiligo and Mental Health

Research has begun to explore natural compounds that address the oxidative stress, autoimmunity, and altered melanogenesis that drive vitiligo pathogenesis.

Researchers Optimistic About Ruxolitinib Cream as Non-Segmental Vitiligo Treatment

Following 2 phase 3 trials, the European Medicines Agency Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use gives positive opinion on the use of ruxolitinib cream as a treatment for facial-involved non-segmental vitiligo.

25.1% of Patients Cited “Less Noticeable” Vitiligo in Recent Study

By week 24 of the phase 3 study, a quarter of participants felt their vitiligo had improved.

Recent Povorcitinib 2b Study Shows Improved Repigmentation

The investigational oral JAK1 inhibitor showed promising results for vitiligo patients.

Biomarkers Pivotal in Depression Among Alopecia, Vitiligo Patients

According to new research, vitamin D and serum brain-derived neurotrophic factors may exacerbate depression in some dermatologic patients.

Preventing Laser, Light Therapy-Induced Lesions in Vitiligo

Researchers said laser and intense pulse light-induced vitiligo lacks consensus in prevention and safety measures.

Breaking Down Treatment and Management Options in Vitiligo​

Despite a lack of FDA-approved treatments and management options for patients with vitiligo, both dermatologists and patients alike have options for care.

European Commission Approves Ruxolitinib Cream for Non-Segmental Vitiligo

Ruxolitinib is the first and only approved treatment for repigmentation in the European Union.

First Case Report of Vitiligo Triggered by Dupilumab Treatment

Researchers have identified what may be the first report of vitiligo induced de novo by dupilumab therapy.

Vitamin D Lower, Basophil and Eosinophil Counts Average in Vitiligo Patients

Researchers compared counts between patients with vitiligo and a control group of patients.

Examining Comorbidities in Vitiligo

The pigment disorder is associated with several autoimmune and systemic comorbidities.

Iltefat Hamzavi, MD, Reviews Surgical Treatment Advances for Vitiligo

Hamzavi spoke at the 2023 Pigmentary Disorder Exchange Symposium in Chicago.

Advancing Medical Treatments for Vitiligo With Amit Pandya, MD, FAAD

Pandya gives an in-depth overview of his vitiligo treatment pearls from the 2023 Pigmentary Disorders Exchange Symposium.

Intralesional Methotrexate Safe, Efficacious in Localized Vitiligo Lesions

More research is needed to specify long-term efficacy of the treatment and its ideal dose.

Reduced Incidence of Melanoma, Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers In Vitiligo

Investigators compared data among patients with vitiligo and the general population.

Greater Hsp70 Plasma Positivity Associated With Regressive Vitiligo

Despite this, researchers found that Hsp70 plasma levels did not correlate with the extent of disease.

Advances and Educational Opportunities to Improve Vitiligo Outcomes

In recognition of World Vitiligo Day, the Dermatology Times team is spotlighting advances and educational opportunities for the condition.

Combination Stem Cell Transplantation, Laser Therapy Efficacious in Vitiligo

The combination of therapies achieved significant efficacy, with researchers noting a higher cure rate than is evident in other therapies for the condition.

Trained Immunity May Play a Role in the Pathogenesis of Vitiligo

Trained immunity may act as an enhancer and continuous trigger in the disease’s pathogenesis.

Ruxolitinib Granted Marketing Authorization in United Kingdom

The authorization comes just over 2 months after the drug’s approval in the European Union.

6 Months in Review: ​Vitiligo in the First Half of 2023

As we have surpassed the halfway mark of 2023, Dermatology Times is spotlighting vitiligo coverage and news from the first half of year.

AAD and VStrong Vitiligo Support Community Receive Inaugural Incyte Ingenuity Awards in Vitiligo

Incyte representative Todd Edwards discusses how the awards help address challenges faced by patients with vitiligo.

Combination Compound Glycyrrhizin Tablets, Excimer Laser Efficacious in Vitiligo

A systematic review found that combination therapy proved more efficacious in treating patients with vitiligo as opposed to the excimer laser alone.

Researchers Report Successful Off-Label Use of Q-Switched Ruby Laser in Vitiligo

A pediatric patient with treatment-resistant vitiligo experienced improvements in depigmentation in as few as 9 treatments.

Clinical Study Examining Biological, Molecular Signals of Vitiligo Underway at UMass Chan Medical School

The multi-million-dollar study will identify signatures of at-risk patients that may predispose them to developing vitiligo.

Newly Discovered Genes Could Change Vitiligo Treatment

Scientists say the new findings could lead to new drugs for vitiligo and other pigmentation diseases.

Mechanical Dermabrasion, CO2 Laser Led to Positive Results in Epithelial Sheets Transplantation in Vitiligo

Both modalities achieved positive results and accurate ablation in cultured epithelial sheets transplantation for patients with vitiligo.

Platelet-Rich Plasma May Be Effective as a Therapeutic Option For Vitiligo

PRP is both safe and effective and may be used as a therapeutic option or alternative in conditions like vitiligo or in wound healing.

VIOLIN Study Examines Extent of Burden of Disease in French Vitiligo Patients

The VIOLIN study examined the burden of disease, prevalence, and treatment of vitiligo in patients in France.

Addressing Cultural Disconnect in Patients With Vitiligo

Clinicians can use culturally competent care to ease patients’ concerns with identity and better understand the emotional toll of the condition.

Utilizing Naturally Occurring Compounds for Treatment of Coexisting Vitiligo and Psychiatric Conditions

Vitiligo and psychiatric disorders share a strong connection, with up to 90% of vitiligo patients having comorbid psychiatric conditions.

Oxidative Damage Induces Increase of Pro-Inflammatory IL-15 in Vitiligo

Investigators evaluated the most important markers associated with the pathogenesis of vitiligo, including serum inflammatory and oxidative stress markers.

High Proportion of Patients With Vitiligo in the US Do Not Receive Treatment, Study Says

A real-world retrospective analysis also found that among patients receiving treatment, most were unlikely to use more than 1 treatment or switch to an alternative treatment during the first year of diagnosis.

Reduced Mortality Associated With Vitiligo

In a population-based cohort study, researchers explored the mortality of vitiligo as there is limited information about the risks of mortality among these patients.

Incyte Announces Positive 52-Week Data at EADV of Povorcitinib for Extensive Nonsegmental Vitiligo

Longer-term use of povorcitinib demonstrated further improvement in total body and facial repigmentation.

Upadacitinib Meets Primary End Point of Phase 2 Trial for Vitiligo and Advances to Phase 3

AbbVie announced the 24- and 52-week data at EADV 2023.

Treatment-Related Acne After Ruxolitinib Application for Vitiligo Occurred in Patients Without History of Acne

Overall, acne events were mild or moderate and did not cause patients to discontinue ruxolitinib cream treatment.

Proteomic Analysis Reveals Potential Differences in Patients Achieving VASI 50 Improvements VS Those Who Do Not

Investigators believe different circulating inflammatory phenotypes in patients with vitiligo may influence their responses to treatment with ruxolitinib cream.

Meta-Analysis Finds Chinese Patent Medicines May Be Efficacious, Suitable Interventions for Vitiligo

Combined with routine treatments for vitiligo, certain CPMs proved efficacious in patients with vitiligo, with few adverse effects.

Combined With NB-UVB Therapy, Topical Vitamin D May Enhance Therapeutic Outcomes of Vitiligo

Incorporating vitamin D may mitigate adverse effects of corticosteroids, though more research is needed to discover the best methods for topical administration in vitiligo.

Experts Excited by Advancements in Vitiligo Treatment

Susan C. Taylor, MD, FAAD, and George Han, MD, PhD, share insights on vitiligo awareness, demographics, treatment approaches, and the impact of the condition on patients’ quality of life.

Revolutionizing Vitiligo Care: Dermatology Experts Offer Insights on Economic Factors

Experts Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD; Chesahna Kindred, MD, MBA, FAAD; Gary M. Owens, MD; and Renata Block, MMS, PA-C, discuss the evolving landscape of vitiligo, particularly from an economic lens.

New International Vitiligo Task Force Recommendations

Recently, a significant breakthrough was achieved when 42 international vitiligo experts and 4 patient representatives collaborated and developed a consensus management strategy for vitiligo.

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