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AAD and VStrong Vitiligo Support Community Receive Inaugural Incyte Ingenuity Awards in Vitiligo


Incyte representative Todd Edwards discusses how the awards help address challenges faced by patients with vitiligo.

Todd Edwards

Todd Edwards

Incyte recently announced the recipients of its inaugural Incyte Ingenuity Awards in vitiligo, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and the VStrong Vitiligo Support Community.1 Incyte’s award program is designed to support the US vitiligo community by funding 2 crucial initiatives addressing the challenges faced by patients with vitiligo, their support system, and healthcare providers.

The AAD was selected to receive an award of up to $100,000 for its project, Good Skin Knowledge. This project aims to destigmatize vitiligo by increasing awareness and equipping educators and community leaders with English and Spanish training modules that teach children about vitiligo. 

The VStrong Vitiligo Support Community was selected to receive an award of up to $35,000 for its project, VStrong “Shine” – Vitiligo Sun Protection Strategy. In partnership with the Henry Ford Hospital Dermatology Department, this project aims to leverage knowledge from various stakeholders to develop resources for the vitiligo community about safe sun exposure and self-care tips for sunburn relief.

To discuss the importance of the 2 group’s commitment to vitiligo awareness, as well as Incyte’s involvement, Dermatology Times® spoke with Todd Edwards, the group vice president and head of the dermatology business unit at Incyte Corporation.

Dermatology Times: Can you please provide a brief overview of the Incyte Ingenuity Awards in vitiligo program?

Edwards: The Incyte Ingenuity Awards in vitiligo were created to fund thoughtful, creative, and original programs and resources that address specific needs of people with vitiligo. The program consists of 2 awards that will fund 2 novel, innovative initiatives: one up to $35,000 and another up to $100,000, to support projects of different scales. 

For more information on the program, including the eligibility criteria and 2022 recipients, please visit IncyteIngenuityAwards.com/vitiligo. The 2023 application period is open until October 31. 

Dermatology Times: How are organizations selected to receive an award?

Edwards: A judging panel consisting of up to 5 patient advocacy leaders, dermatologists, and other health care professionals selected by Incyte will review all applications and select one recipient per award based on specific pre-established criteria. Incyte will not provide any advice or input during the judging process, and all decisions made by the judging panel are final.

Dermatology Times: What is Incyte doing to continuously support patients with vitiligo? 

Edwards: At Incyte, we are committed to raising awareness of vitiligo and supporting people living with the condition through education, research and development efforts, and providing resources and support. As part of our commitment to the communities we serve, Incyte partners closely with advocacy groups to help provide support to patients, and we are pleased to support the vitiligo community. 

Dermatology Times: What has impressed you most about the American Academy of Dermatology and VStrong Vitiligo Support Community and their commitment to increasing vitiligo awareness? 

Edwards: We are proud to recognize the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and VStrong Vitiligo Support Community as the inaugural recipients of the Incyte Ingenuity Awards in vitiligo. Both projects reflect a true understanding of the needs of the vitiligo community and exemplify the core mission of the program: to support innovative initiatives that improve the lives of people with vitiligo. 

AAD’s project, Good Skin Knowledge, aims to destigmatize and raise awareness of vitiligo by equipping educators and community leaders to teach children through an English and Spanish training module. The VStrong Vitiligo Support Community’s project, VStrong “Shine” – Vitiligo Sun Protection Strategy, will educate about proper sun protection and resources. We look forward to seeing these innovative proposals come to fruition and the positive impact they will have on the vitiligo community.

Dermatology Times: How is Incyte helping to address the challenges faced by patients living with vitiligo through the awards?

Edwards: Through the Incyte Ingenuity Awards, Incyte aims to support the vitiligo community by funding thoughtful, creative, and original resources that address challenges faced by vitiligo patients, the patient's support system and, health care providers, as well as foster collaboration within the vitiligo community to address specific needs. 

Dermatology Times: How can physicians and advanced practice providers utilize Incyte’s resources to ensure they are properly caring for their patients with vitiligo?

Edwards: Incyte has a range of resources for the vitiligo community, including ThisIsVitiligo.com, which has information about vitiligo and stories from people living with the condition. Additionally, we offer IncyteCARES – a patient support and assistance program for eligible patients prescribed approved medications.

Todd Edwards is currently at Incyte Corp. as Group Vice President & Head of the Dermatology Business Unit. Todd is an accomplished and results-driven pharmaceutical executive with over 20 years of experience in the industry, with leadership roles at UCB, AbbVie, Abbott, and TAP pharmaceuticals.


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