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Derm In The News: October 29-November 4


Keep up with the latest headlines in dermatology from the past week, including the development of a synthetic biomimetic melanin, the potential for a shortage of minoxidil, and more.

Northwestern Now: 'Super melanin' heals skin injuries from sunburn, chemical burns

Scientists at Northwestern University have developed a synthetic, biomimetic melanin that mimics the natural melanin in human skin and can be topically applied to accelerate wound healing, protect the skin from sun exposure, and repair skin damage caused by factors such as sunburn or chemical burns. This synthetic melanin acts as a powerful radical scavenger, helping to counteract the damage caused by free radicals in the skin, potentially reducing the risk of skin aging and skin cancer. It remains on the skin's surface without being absorbed into deeper layers, making it suitable for use in sunscreen, moisturizers, and even for blisters and open sores.

Moultrie Observer: South Georgia Dermatology Club shares sun safety message

Members of PCOM South Georgia’s Dermatology Club are taking the initiative to educate residents in the Sunbelt about the importance of sun safety, starting with the younger generation, as the region experiences high sun exposure. Their efforts include informative sessions with the Boys & Girls Club of Moultrie/Colquitt County, where they discussed the basics of sun safety and distributed sunscreen samples, with a goal to expand their mission to other groups in the area and raise awareness about the health risks associated with excessive sun exposure, skin issues, and the importance of understanding the UV index.

WKBW: Minoxidil, a hair loss treatment, could face shortages, experts warn

A new report raises concerns about potential shortages of minoxidil, a commonly used treatment for hair thinning and loss, particularly in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas. A study by researchers at George Washington University reveals that only 40.1% of pharmacies in the mentioned regions were able to promptly provide 30-day prescriptions for minoxidil dosages of 2.5 milligrams. These shortages can pose challenges for dermatologists treating patients with hair loss, potentially leading to discontinuation of treatment and further hair loss, and may have broader implications on a national level.

Laredo Morning Times: TX Monthly 'Super Doctor' Laredo dermatologist Dr. Robert Hudson dies

Dermatologist Robert D. Hudson, a three-time "Super Doctor" according to Texas Monthly, has passed away at the age of 71. A graduate of Baylor College, he had affiliations with South Texas hospitals, including Doctors Hospital of Laredo and Laredo Medical Center. Hudson was renowned for his expertise in diagnosing and treating skin conditions, offering services ranging from cosmetic procedures like hair and tattoo removal, laser therapy, cosmetic filler injections, cryosurgery, and phototherapy.

Have you seen any dermatology headlines this week that we may have missed? Share with us by emailing our team at DTEditor@mmhgroup.com.

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