Caregiver assessment tools

Because a patient’s atopic dermatitis may also have a profound effect on parental caregivers, clinicians should seek to make an assessment of parental emotional and psychosocial well-being, and offer patient educational materials to help bring awareness to the issue.

Because a patient’s atopic dermatitis may also have a profound effect on parental caregivers, clinicians should seek to make an assessment of parental emotional and psychosocial well-being, and offer patient educational materials to help bring awareness to the issue. Caregivers may be chronically sleep-deprived, exhausted or depressed and, therefore, less equipped to implement time-consuming treatment regimens, regulate their child’s behavior, and help the child cope with his or her illness.

Experts suggest several tools clinicians can use to screen caregivers for sleep disturbance, fatigue and emotional health. Print

which details some of the different assessment tools you can use in your practice.