Create A Winning Team, Improving Staff Performance

This week, Cheryl Whitman highlights the importance of creating a well-trained staff through continued training opportunities.

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Create A Winning Team – Improving Staff Performance

A Staff With Average Training Means A Practice With Below Average Performance.

One of the most important parts of an Aesthetic Medical Practice is your staff. Without a strong, well-trained staff, your day and your practice’s performance can be a nightmare. An inadequately trained staff results in lost patients, lost profits, and an endangered reputation. Engage in continuous training. Make customer service a priority and train your staff in what makes a satisfied patient. In addition, make sure your staff is exceptionally well trained in the procedures your practice offers, the products your practice sells, and the credentials your team holds. They should be able to answer patient questions in a friendly, informed, and professional manner in terms the patient can understand. Remember, an outstanding staff leads to a strong bottom line.

Cheryl Whitman

Cheryl Whitman

This tip is adapted from “Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable,” by Cheryl Whitman.

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