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Building Your Office: Three Keys to Success


If you’re a new dermatologist building a solo practice, a few easy steps can help give your business the best chance for success.

If you’re a new dermatologist building a solo practice, your to-do list is probably a mile long. Youe doing double duty, not only as a physician but also as an entrepreneur. How can you make sure you’re giving your fledgling business the best possible chance of success?

Next: Time management


Block office hours for office management time. This is important work, and it won’t be done as effectively in the wee hours or on weekends. Interviewing and hiring personnel; making scheduling decisions; budgeting expenses – these shouldn’t become afterthoughts.

Next: Be critical


Turn a critical eye on your space. Visit your own office from the perspective of a patient, or ask a friend to. Be on the lookout for anything that looks dated, worn-out or disorganized. Consider visiting offices of friends with their own practices, too. What innovations or touches do they have that you could bring to yours?

Next: Stay in communication


Develop a communications plan. A few simple tactics can help ensure that you regularly address all of your key stakeholders, both internal and external.

  • Employees. Are you keeping your staff regularly informed about current and upcoming events, and are they aware of what matters most to you?

  • Current patients. Are you reaching patients in the best ways? This may include text reminders, a periodic email newsletter, even quarterly cocktail lectures – it depends on your patient base and their needs.

  • Prospective patients. Your website and social media are a great way to give new patients a comfort level with your practice by publishing content. Your current patients can share interesting and engaging content with friends and family, and you can

  • The public. Reach out to media nearby to offer skincare tips and expertise. Journalists at your local and regional newspapers, radio stations and television stations will be glad to connect with someone who can provide locally based expertise.






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