Buccal Fat Pad Removal Risks

Dr. Parker A. Velargo discusses the potential risks and complications when performing intra-orbital buccal fat pad removal.

At the recent American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) virtual meeting, Parker A. Velargo, MD, facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, New Orleans, La., discussed the potential risks and complications of buccal fat pad removal in his presentation, “Buccal Fat Pad Reduction: Pearls and Pitfalls.”

Although he says complications are rare, Dr. Velargo highlights the importance of communicating the risks with patients during the consultation. Of all the buccal fat procedures he has performed, only one of his patients have had to be treated for a post-procedure hematoma, with no additional complications.

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