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Advances in laser and light-based treatments in dermatology


A supplement for advances in laser and light-based treatments in dermatology: state law, Lumenis SCAAR FX, treating facial vessels, more!

Know state law before putting lasers in hands of physician extenders

Cosmetic laser treatments are frequently delegated to physician extenders and office staff, but if a problem arises,liability often is attached to the physician employer.

New fractional CO2 treatment modality penetrates deeper in scar tissue

A new laser treatment modality penetrates two times deeper in scar tissue than other fractional CO2 devices on the market.

Laser advances improve treatment of facial telangiectasia, reticular veins

The advent of lasers and intense pulsed light platforms has significantly improved the safety and efficacy of treating facial vessels, but the ability to address both telangiectasias and facial reticular veins requires the use of different lasers and appropriate settings, an expert says.

Pulsed dye laser an effective therapeutic option for nonaggressive BCC

Pulsed dye laser treatment may offer an effective therapeutic option in managing nonaggressive basal cell carcinomas, but more aggressive or recurrent BCCs should be treated with surgery, according to aclinician.

Erbium laser dermabrasion effective for vitiligo, but side effects prevail

Repigmentation of vitiligo is significantly improved when pretreatment with erbium laser dermabrasion is added to a regimen combining topical corticosteroid application and phototherapy with narrowband UVB. But the regimen is accompanied by significant treatment-related side effects.

Liposuction with laser assistance and local anesthesia proves safe, effective

Outcomes from 1,500 consecutive cases of office-based, laser-assisted liposuction using local anesthesia show it is a viable alternative to liposuction under traditional anesthesia for body contouring in appropriately selected patients, says Christopher T. Chia, M.D.

Laser settings, temperature control crucial for treating skin of color

When treating patients with skin of color, it is best to err on the side of caution to avoid complications such as pigmentary changes or scarring, say two leading dermatologists who have expertise in treating this patient population.


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