Tips for educating patients about Halloween skin irritants
October 30, 2020

What’s more frightful than Halloween? What the makeup and costumes can do to children’s and adult’s skin. Dermatologists weigh in with their top tips to help patients avoid post-Halloween skin horrors.

The Cutaneous Connection: Episode 8- Building Your Brand as a Physician
October 08, 2020

Media expert Paige Velasquez Budde, CEO of Zilker Media, explains the importance of building a brand as a physician, as well as some mistakes to avoid and tips on how to grow and shape your brand.

The Mainstream Patient: June 30
June 30, 2020

In this week's edition, we feature articles about expired sunscreen, uses for cortisone cream, Johnson & Johnson deciding to stop selling skin lightening products overseas, a warning from the FDA about possible toxic hand sanitizers, plus more.

6 gadgets that just might make your workday easier
July 23, 2019

From portable desks to bluetooth trackpads, this is the latest and greatest roundup of organizational must-haves for the busy dermatologist.

The joy of disconnecting
June 21, 2019

Technology keeping you tethered to work? It’s time to unplug.

Spring cleaning-for your wallet
March 04, 2019

Spring cleaning isn’t just for housework. It’s also a good time to clear away financial records, review what’s working, and change what isn’t.

Clearing away the clutter
March 04, 2019

Decluttering might just seem like the latest social media craze, but it’s benefits and challenges have deep psychological roots.

Chase away the winter blues
February 01, 2019

The months are long and the days are short, and sometimes it just gets hard to fight the cabin fever. Find out how you can help keep your mood positive this winter.

Resolutions can work, with the right mindset
January 04, 2019

New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being hastily made and easily forgotten as the new year rolls on. But resolutions can be effective-find out how.