Device Technology

New picosecond laser treats pigmentary disorders in darker skin types
July 30, 2020

The new 730-nm picosecond laser demonstrates strong efficacy and safety in darker skin types for treatment of endogenous pigmentary disorders, according to a recent case study.

Weekly Roundup: June 15-19
June 19, 2020

ICYMI, this week’s edition features articles about laser therapy for BCC, the growing interest in JAK-STAT inhibition, tips on how to sell your practice, apremilast for scalp pruritus, plus more.

Portable sink makes handwashing easier during COVID-19
June 16, 2020

A startup from Purdue University seeks to make handwashing easier and more accessible during COVID-19 through its new portable bedside sink technology developed by Project Process.

The Mainstream Patient: May 15
June 15, 2020

In this week’s edition, we feature stories about black-owned skincare lines, polyglutamic acid, hair antioxidants, a skincare company making affordable custom topical prescriptions, plus many more.

Soliton announces keloid, hypertrophic scar study results at Maui Derm
January 29, 2020

Medical device company Soliton presents results from their 12-week study looking at the treatment of fibrotic scars via their RAP device at Maui Derm.