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What to Look Forward to in 2023


The Dermatology Times® Editorial Advisory Board members share what they hope to see in 2023.

As the new year kicks off, there are many new drug approvals and dermatology trends expected in 2023. The Dermatology Times® Editorial Advisory Board members offer insights into what they hope to see in the new year.

Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, editor in chief, Dermatology Times®:

Next year we should see the approval of topical roflumilast for other indications, such as atopic dermatitis. Roflumilast is the first major nonsteroidal cream for multiple dermatologic indications, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.

Renata Block, MMS, PA-C:

For 2023, I am watching lebrikizumab––the IL-13 receptor inhibitor––for atopic dermatitis, with the possible once-a-month dosing and decreased risk of conjunctivitis. [I also look forward to] more collaborative efforts among dermatologists and advanced practice providers (APPs) in regard to writing, research, recognition, and patient outreach.

Ranella Hersh, MD, FAAD:

More than any specific device, [my] wish [for 2023 is] that dermatologists as a unified group would be better able to represent the authoritative stakeholders in the knowledge of treating hair, skin, and nail concerns. So much of the messaging now relates more to presenting nuggets of entertainment, which almost uniformly does not do justice to the complexity of the specialty. It is critical we make sure that accurate messaging is reaching our patients.

Mark Lebwohl, MD:

My wish list for 2023 includes approvals for more JAK inhibitors for vitiligo and for alopecia areata; approval of more biologics for the treatment of atopic dermatitis; and approval of the long-awaited bimekizumab for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Corey L. Hartman, MD, FAAD:

I’m excited about ellacor [System], exosomes, genetic sequencing in skin care and combination therapies. My wish list for 2023 is getting an ellacor (at the top on my list). I’m also looking at an Agnes laser.

Helen M. Torok, MD:

My wish list for 2023 includes better coverage for our drugs, safer drugs for acne, [and] the 1726 laser for acne to be more cost effective and available for all….

Will Kirby, DO, FAOCD:

We desperately need a treatment for cellulite. The company that finally offers a solution to that ubiquitous problem will quickly have a billion-dollar valuation, as all previous treatments have fallen far short. The main issue that few people openly speak about is the lack of true innovation in aesthetic dermatology. Where are the novel injectables? Where are game-changing energy-based devices? My biggest wish for 2023 is true technological advancements for our area of subspecialization.

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