Top 8 Legal Eagle articles from 2018

We've gathered eight of our most interesting Legal Eagle articles from 2018, in which Dr. David J. Goldberg helps navigate some of the most complicated legal questions facing dermatologists today.

In our Legal Eagle column, David J. Goldberg, M.D., J.D., helps navigate complicated legal issues and provides answers to your most pressing medical liability and malpractice questions. In this slideshow, we've gathered eight of our favorite Legal Eagle articles from 2018. 

doctor talking to nurse in cafeteria

CAN I LOSE MY LICENSE FOR GIVING A CURBSIDE CONSULT? Dr. Drug has a thriving dermatology practice, and has befriended many patients over his 30 years in practice. He has seen patients in the office, but also has given curbside consults at diners and bars. When a waitress overhears Dr. Drug selling narcotic pain killers to a patient in pain at a restaurant, she calls the police who immediately arrest Dr. Drug for selling narcotics. Is he at risk for losing his license because of a felony? Dr. Goldberg covers this case in this Legal Eagle article. (auremar -

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