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The Weekly Roundup: July 17-21


ICYMI, this week we had stories about managing Merkel cell carcinoma in patients with skin of color, addressing disparities in atopic dermatitis with telehealth, ruxolitinib for rapid pruritus reduction, and more.

Differentiating Merkel Cell Carcinoma in Skin of Color

The clinical presentations of Merkel cell carcinoma in patients with skin of color require dermatology providers to be more aware of the nuances in diagnosis and management.

Novan Inc to Sell All Assets and File for Chapter 11 Protection

The goal of a January 5, 2024, PDUFA date for berdazimer gel, 10.3%, continues with pre-approval inspection already complete.

Keratolytic and Hydrating Shampoo Improves Signs of Scalp Psoriasis

In a study, researchers found that after 4 weeks of regular use, shampoo containing salicylic acid, urea, and glycerin significantly reduced Psoriasis Scalp Severity Index.

Revian Reports Promising Results in Initial Study for Hair Regrowth System

The aesthetic medical technology company announced that its hair regrowth system will be used in a second study.

Topical Creams Are Important in Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

In a Dermatology Times DermView custom video series, Shawn Kwatra, MD, and Peter Lio, MD, discuss the topical treatment landscape of atopic dermatitis.

ReachRX: Advancing Patient Outcomes Through Ease of Access to Treatment Information

Co-founders Jeff DeVico and Patrick DePippo discuss their app, ReachRX, which aspires to transform the dermatology and medical landscape through streamlined access to pharmaceutical information.

Monique Kumar, MD, Shares the Lessons She Learned When Her Child was Born with a Port Wine Birthmark

As a parent of a child with a vascular anomaly, Kumar has experienced all the emotions of having a child who is born with a skin condition.

UCB Announces European Union Regulatory Application for Bimekizumab in Hidradenitis Suppurativa

If approved, hidradenitis suppurativa would be the 4th indication for the drug within the European Union.

Unusual Cases from the Genodermatosis Clinic in London

Jemima Mellerio, MD, said a correct diagnosis often requires a lot of testing, questioning, and observation.

Addressing Disparities in AD With Telehealth

Adam Friedman, MD, FAAD, and Andrew Alexis, MD, MPH, discuss disparities in atopic dermatitis and the ways these can be addressed with teledermatology.

Ritlecitinib Performed Well in Adolescent Cohort Analysis of ALLEGRO Trial

Researchers conducted a subgroup analysis of the ALLEGRO phase 2b/3 clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the drug in patients aged 12-17.

Prenatal Antibiotic Use Increases Risk of Childhood Atopic Dermatitis

Children of mothers who took more than 5 courses of antibiotics during pregnancy were at the highest risk.

POLL: When Was Mohs First Developed?

Click here to answer this week's poll.

Survival Rates of Melanoma Lowest Among Men with Skin of Color

Men have a lower overall survival rate than women when diagnosed with melanoma.

GlobalSkin’s GRIDD Study Seeks to Evaluate Global Impact of Skin Diseases

Researchers anticipate that upwards of 10,000 adults with various dermatologic conditions will partake in the study.

Ruxolitinib Offers Rapid Pruritus Reduction

Clinicians James Q. Del Rosso, DO; Raj Chovatiya, MD, PhD; and Lisa Swanson, MD, PhD, review the study, “Rapid Pruritus Reduction With Ruxolitinib Cream in Patients With Atopic Dermatitis."

Single-Strain Probiotic Has Positive Effect on Atopic Dermatitis in Pediatric Patients

Researchers conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of probiotic treatment efficacy in children with atopic dermatitis.

Post-Acne Vulgaris Scarring Leads to Negative Body Image and Self-Esteem

In a recent study, authors argue that psychosocial impacts should be at the forefront of the discussion in acne scarring, noting that psychopharmacological management may be necessary in instances of severe psychiatric comorbidities.

2023 Dermatology Fellow Award Recipients Announced

The Melanoma Research Alliance provides funding to support investigators in preventing, detecting, and treating melanoma.

Neck Cream Reduces Signs of Aging in 2 Clinical Trials

The women, aged 40 to 75, showed statistical improvement in firmness, lines and wrinkles, and crepiness.

Journal Digest: The Latest in Dermatologic Studies

Introducing our newest weekly series, the Journal Digest, a collection of trending studies from leading dermatology journals. This week’s first edition covers IVIg treatment for autoimmune bullous dermatoses, body-focused repetitive behaviors, hormonal treatments for HS, dupilumab and skin barrier function, and a 2023 alopecia areata update.

Sexually-Diverse Patient Populations Face Higher Prevalence of Atopic Disease

Compared to patients who identified as heterosexual, patients in the LGBTQ+ community have a higher prevalence of atopic dermatitis, asthma, and allergic rhinitis.

Real-World Cohort Study to Compare Efficacy and Safety of Adalimumab Biosimilars for Psoriasis

Study results are expected to be presented at international dermatology conferences by the end of the year.

Study Observes Correlations Between COVID-19 and Psoriasis

A recent study found no correlation between a genetic predisposition to psoriasis or systemic treatment for psoriasis and an increase in the severity of COVID-19 illness.

Grant Program Accepting Applications, Seeks to Bridge Care Gap in Inflammatory Dermatoses

Grant applications are open from now until August 24, 2023, with an anticipated project start/end date of January 2024 through July 2025.

Autologous Cell Therapy Effective in Wound Treatment

Researchers applied EB-101, a new cell therapy, to patients with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa with positive results.

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