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The Weekly Roundup: February 18-23


ICYMI, this week we had news about Masterclasses in Dermatology insights, Alaskapox and skin lesions, improving skin of color representation in dermatology, and more.

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Prescribing Excellence: The Symphony of Dermatology Care with Clinical Pharmacists

A poster presentation explored the transformative impact of integrating clinical pharmacists into an outpatient dermatology clinic, emphasizing collaborative efforts to enhance patient care and improve outcomes in biologic therapy.

Cutaneous Lupus Considerations with Joseph Merola, MD, MMSc

Discover the evolving landscape of lupus treatment, from the importance of monitoring vitamin D levels to advancements in emerging therapies targeting type 1 interferon and plasmacytoid dendritic cells.

Decoding the Science of Graying Hair

David Fisher, MD, PhD, shared pearls on fundamental biology of hair follicles, the dynamics of melanocyte stem cells, and the impact of stress on hair pigmentation.

Managing Dermatologic Surgery Challenges

Daniel Siegel, MD, shared strategies to manage surgery challenges, especially bleeding, to ensure a smooth experience for patients.

Almirall Enters License Agreement With Novo Nordisk for Rights to IL-21 Blocking Monoclonal Antibody NN-8828

Almirall now possesses the rights to develop and commercialize NN-8828, particularly in immune inflammatory dermatological diseases.

The Crucial Link Between Psoriasis and Cardiovascular Health

Joel Gelfand, MD, explained how body surface area on patients with psoriasis plays a pivotal role in cardiovascular outcomes.

Lifileucel Receives FDA Accelerated Approval for Advanced Melanoma

Lifileucel is a tumor-derived autologous T-cell immunotherapy.

Navigating Pregnancy, Dermatology, and Drug Safety

Katherine Economy, MD, discusses the challenges and opportunities of treating pregnant patients with dermatologic conditions, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive medication reviews, patient-centered decision-making, and the need for including pregnant patients in clinical trials.

POLL: What Is Your Go-to Treatment for Severe Palmar Hyperhidrosis?

Botox? Iontophoresis? Let us know what you most often recommend to your patients with severe palmar hyperhidrosis.

Rare Disease Detection With AI: What Tools to Trust

From the February cover: Joseph Zabinski, PhD, MEM, and Stefan Weiss, MD, MBA, FAAD, share their expertise into AI’s capabilities in dermatology and specifically, rare diseases such as generalized pustular psoriasis.

Lloyd Miller, MD, PhD: Delving Into JNJ-2113 Data for Plaque Psoriasis

Miller, Vice President, Immunodermatology Disease Area Leader, Johnson & Johnson, spoke with Dermatology Times about recently published data supporting JNJ-2113's potential in this indication.

Cannabis Extract PHEC-66 Triggers Cell Death in Melanoma, Study Demonstrates

Researchers sought to expand knowledge of the role of cannabis and its molecular mechanisms in anticancer effects.

Alaskapox: What to Know About the Orthopoxvirus and the Skin Lesions it Causes

Officials recently reported the first known fatality from the virus. Here's what health professionals say to watch for.

Investigating Intravenous Ertapenem Therapy for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

IV antibiotics should play a complementary role in the management of HS as new immunomodulator therapies are developed, researchers concluded.

SLIDESHOW: 2024 Masterclasses in Dermatology Recap

Explore Dermatology Times' coverage of the 2024 Masterclasses in Dermatology conference on topics ranging from artificial intelligence lessons from GI to cardiovascular considerations in psoriasis treatment.

John Barbieri, MD, MBA, FAAD: Evidence-Based Recommendations and Good Practice Statements From the AAD Acne Guidelines

Barbieri spoke with Dermatology Times to discuss the new guidelines and the recommendations and good practice statements included.

Journal Digest: February 20

This week’s collection of the latest dermatologic studies covers hair matrix cells, comorbidity associations of hidradenitis suppurativa, risk factors of infantile hemangioma, and giant cell collagenomas in a patient with Cowden syndrome.

Researchers Explore and Measure Patient Adherence to Therapies and Treatment Regimens in Dermatology

Researchers utilized studies and papers from the review to define and understand best practices and methods for improving adherence.

Phase 1/2 Data Reveals Positive Effect of Topical LUT014 for Radiation-Induced Dermatitis in Patients With Breast Cancer

The data was recently published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology International.

Japanese Study Finds Patients With Alopecia Areata and Physicians Differ in Viewpoints of Severity and Treatment Satisfaction

The study found disagreement in perceptions of treatment options and overall disease severity among providers and patients.

Pointers With Portela: Misleading Acne Vitamin

In this week’s Pointers With Portela, the 208SkinDoc reviews a potentially misleading acne vitamin from Clearstem Skincare.

First US Consensus Published on Uniform Nomenclature and Diagnosis for Neuropathic Pruritus

Shawn Kwatra, MD, shares insights into neuropathic pruritus’ debilitating effects on patients and how clinicians can use unified nomenclature.

Vaseline's Mended Murals Initiative Utilizes Street Art to Spread Awareness and Skin Health and Access in Underserved Patients, Individuals With Skin of Color

The initiative brings awareness and action for people of color to the forefront of the conversation.

From Psoriasis to PsA: Study Identifies Predictive Factors for Development

Findings reveal an increased risk of psoriatic arthritis among female patients with severe skin psoriasis who have nail involvement and require oral systemic therapy for their condition.

Shedding LITE on At-Home Phototherapy Treatment for Psoriasis

Get a sneak peek ahead of AAD about the LITE study’s patient-centered design, routine care integration, and diverse participant inclusion, offering a cost-effective option in psoriasis treatment.

Pharmacological Interventions for Trichotillomania

Medical therapy should be paired with behavioral therapy to best treat this distressing hair-pulling disorder, researchers claim.

Topical Ruxolitinib Demonstrated Promising Clinical Improvements in Chronic Hand Dermatitis, Study Shows

In a recent study, topical ruxolitinib improved clinical outcomes, itch, and patient quality of life.

From Conjunctivitis to Itch Control: RAD Research to Keep an Eye on

Learn more about dupilumab-induced conjunctivitis rates and misconceptions, the thriving long-term efficacy of dupilumab over 3 years, and unraveling the itch-flare dynamic in abrocitinib treatment.

I Am Not Being Paid to Treat Actinic Keratoses: How Could That Be?

This month's Legal Eagle column highlights the tension between cost control measures and concerns about patient care in the context of health care spending and the increasing prevalence of actinic keratoses

Cysteamine Isobionic-Amide Complex Demonstrates On Par Efficacy, Onset of Action in Melasma as Kligman's Formula

Researchers compared the potent depigmenting agent with modified Kligman's formula, considered the gold standard therapy for melasma.

Atopic Dermatitis Itch May Be Caused by Microbes, Not Inflammation

Researchers have found Staphylococcus aureus may trigger itchiness in atopic dermatitis, opening the door to new treatment approaches in the future.

Improving Representation of Skin of Color in Dermatology

Miranda Uzoma Ewelukwa, MD, FAAD, reviews how skin of color representation has evolved in dermatology, however, more advocacy is still needed.

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