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Survey says: 'The world of beauty is changing'


Consider these 10 stats from the Allergan 360 Aesthetics Report for aesthetic practice marketing and more.

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The report reflects online survey responses from aesthetically conscious consumers, and could help aesthetic practices not only better understand potential patients but more efficiently market to them. (producer - stock.adobe.com)

In early April, Allergan released results from the Allergan 360 Aesthetics Report, in which more than 14,500 consumers and 1,300 aesthetic physicians in 18 countries, including the U.S., shared their thoughts and behaviors related to perceptions of beauty, aesthetic procedures and more.

Many of the report’s statistics could help aesthetic practices not only better understand potential patients but more efficiently market to them.

The report reflects online survey responses from what Allergan refers to as “aesthetically conscious consumers,” meaning they qualified for the survey by indicating the following:

  • They agreed that looking good at any age is important.

  • They (at least slightly) agreed that they’re open to going to a professional to improve their appearance.

  • They agreed that they care about overall appearance and/or are willing to invest money in their appearance and/or are prepared to invest money in their appearance.

Physicians surveyed included plastic surgeons, dermatologists and non-core physicians who see aesthetic patients in a private setting, according to the survey’s methodology.

10 Insights Gleaned From the Allergan 360 Aesthetics Report

  • Good news for aesthetic physicians: More than 73% of nearly 10,700 consumers said they expect to spend money on physician-administered aesthetic treatment in the next year, according to the report.

  • Dermatologists win. Consumers are most likely to see a dermatologist first when they’re considering medical aesthetics. Plastic surgeons are the second runners up.

  • Among 14,584 consumers surveyed, 28% turn to the internet as their first stop when searching for a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for cosmetic treatment, and 82% of the 351 U.S. millennials surveyed turn to Instagram as their top source of information.

  • Here's how women of various age groups use words to describe beauty (top five for each):
  • Women ages 21 to 35 describe beauty as soft (the most common term in the age group), followed by smooth, curvy, natural, beautiful.

  • Women ages 36 to 55 use natural, smooth, soft, healthy, curvy to describe beauty.

  • Women ages 56 to 65 most commonly describe beauty as healthy, natural, smooth, soft and clean.

  • Millennials and physicians believe seeking youth starts in youth:
  • Millennials are more likely than older adults to consider preventive treatments and to consider treatment as soon as they notice a concern.

  • Globally, more than half of physicians reported that they believe they should start seeing women in their 20s.

  • Nearly 40% said men should start coming in for cosmetic treatments in their 20s.

  • Who influences a woman's beauty ideals? In the U.S., 48% of women say their friends most influence definitions of beauty; 42% say celebrities most often help to define beauty.

  • Social media’s impact is huge.
  • Before posting a picture of their faces on social media, 34% of U.S. consumers say they always use apps to modify or erase something on the image.

  • 36% report they always use apps to change something on their bodies before posting their pics on social media.

  • Marketing to millennials? Consider this: 93% of U.S. millennials turn to Facebook for information, followed by 82% to Instagram and 56% to Snapchat.

  • 37% of all consumers studied globally search online for treatment information.

  • One in five aesthetically conscious consumers around the world follow a physician on social media.

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