Sculptra trial shows significantly longer-lasting results

December 1, 2006

Bridgewater, N.J. - Sculptra (Dermik) demonstrated significantly longer-lasting effects than CosmoPlast (Allergan Medical) in a randomized, evaluator-blinded, parallel group, multicenter study of 233 patients who sought treatment of nasolabial folds.

At the 13-month follow-up, 49 percent of Sculptra patients had wrinkle assessment scores of less than 2 (no wrinkling or barely perceptible wrinkling), compared with 4 percent of CosmoPlast patients. The treatment outcome of the latter was maintained for three months, according to data presented by William Philip Werschler, M.D., at the 2006 annual meeting of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Eligible patients received between one and four treatment sessions of either Sculptra or CosmoPlast at three-week intervals, until optimal cosmetic correction was achieved. Follow-up visits were scheduled at three weeks and at three, six, nine and 13 months after the last treatment session.