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Rosacea Awareness Month: Resources to Share With Your Patients


This Rosacea Awareness Month, we have compiled a list of resources for clinicians to share with their rosacea patients.

According to the National Rosacea Society (NRS), approximately 16 million Americans have rosacea.1

Furthermore, a report most recently updated in August 2023 notes that the worldwide incidence of rosacea is upwards of 5% of the global population.2 In 2018, the NRS shared details of a study indicating that approximately 415 million individuals are affected by rosacea globally.3

April is Rosacea Awareness Month, and Dermatology Times is spotlighting a variety of resources to share with your patients. If you have a specific resource or association that you recommend to patients with rosacea, email us at DTEditor@mmhgroup.com to share with us.

1. American Academy of Dermatology Rosacea Resource Center

The American Academy of Dermatology's Rosacea Resource Center boasts a variety of patient resources, including an overview of rosacea, a rundown of available treatment options, skin care tips and advice for avoidance of triggers, and insider tips for newly-diagnosed patients, including potential risks associated with rosacea.

2. National Rosacea Society

The National Rosacea Society offers resources to help the estimated 16 million Americans with rosacea better understand and manage their condition. They provide information on symptoms, treatments, triggers, and support. Resources include educational materials like newsletters, booklets, and patient guides, as well as photographs depicting symptoms and treatment results. The society also offers a Physician Finder service to help individuals locate healthcare professionals familiar with rosacea.

3. American Acne and Rosacea Society

The American Acne and Rosacea Society offers a range of resources to assist patients with managing their conditions. These resources may include educational materials on understanding acne and rosacea, tips for skin care and symptom management, information on treatment options, and guidance on lifestyle modifications to minimize flare-ups.

4. RosaceaSupport.Org

The Rosacea Support Group was established in October 1998. With over 7,500 registered members as of July 2009, the group offers a platform for sharing experiences, discussing symptoms, treatments, skin care products, and insights from health care professionals. Complementing the email group is the Rosacea Support Community, a bulletin board-style interface launched in mid-2007, catering to those who prefer a different interaction format. The Rosacea Blog features over 800 articles covering a wide array of topics for patients with rosacea.


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