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Partner Q&A: Spherix Global Insights' Role in Shaping the Future of Dermatology


Dermatology Times is pleased to introduce one of our newest partners, Spherix Global Insights. Learn more about their vision and plans to leverage knowledge to support dermatology.

Dermatology Times is proud to spotlight one of our newest partners, Spherix Global Insights.

Spherix aims to become the preferred intelligence provider in specific therapy areas by fostering long-term partnerships with clients. Their intelligence teams possess broad expertise in market research, data analysis, pharmaceutical brand management, and strategic marketing.

With expertise in dermatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, ophthalmology, and rheumatology, Spherix provides market research in specific dermatologic indications including alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis, hidradenitis suppurativa, immunology biosimilars, plaque psoriasis, prurigo nodularis, and vitiligo.

We recently spoke with Spherix and invited them to share more about their mission and hopes for their collaboration with Dermatology Times.

Q: How does Spherix Global Insights leverage its deep therapeutic knowledge to support advancements in dermatology?

A: Spherix indirectly supports the advancement of dermatology through our partnerships with drug developers and manufacturers. Our in-depth understanding extends beyond the current point of view. We possess the historical knowledge and future perspective required to bring meaning and relevance to data. By leveraging our robust research, coupled with our deep therapeutic knowledge, Spherix is able to strategically advise manufacturers on where they should focus their resources. Through our regular engagement with community dermatologists and KOLs, we can provide a holistic perspective that informs those in positions to develop and manufacture treatments.

Q: Can you elaborate on how Spherix utilizes the Spherix Network specialty physician panel to gather insights specifically within the field of dermatology?

A: At Spherix, we have cultivated a highly engaged community of specialists to participate in our research. Our network is comprised of community level physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and biologic coordinators from across the United States. Spherix primarily engages with the physician community via online surveys focused on dynamic dermatology markets and key topics that have an impact on patients, treatments, etc. Our relationship with the physician community ensures we remain closely connected with the specific challenges of each therapeutic area and understand the market from the prescriber’s point of view, providing our clients with a competitive edge.

The dermatologists that participate in our research often use their participation as an opportunity to learn more about evolving landscapes and in turn are educated through our research. Additionally, we regularly share back findings with participating specialists, keeping practitioners abreast of not only the market, but how their colleagues are approaching treatment and needs.

Q: What are some recent trends or developments in dermatology that Spherix has identified through its market research and analysis?

A: Spherix has been covering hidradenitis suppurativa since 2020. When we first started learning about the disease from KOLs and hearing community dermatologists’ clinical experiences with adalimumab or other off-label advanced systemics, we found that these products were being prescribed as a last resort. In other words, they were being used in the most severe patients, those with the highest levels of inflammation, with extensive scarring and tunneling. Despite this, community dermatologists reported that advanced systemics do not work well in these patient types. However, they detailed that advanced systemics would work well in a patient with lesser severity, prior to extensive scarring and tunneling. Our research suggested, and continues to confirm, that earlier treatment with advanced systemics results in better outcomes. Now we know this to be the “window of opportunity,” and manufacturers are providing physician and patients with this education to impact earlier treatment.

Q: How does Spherix assist its clients in the dermatology sector with strategic decision-making based on commercially relevant analyses?

A: Across the lifecycle of a product, an accurate and complete market view is essential. Strategic planning relies upon deep insights in therapeutic areas and objectivity is critical. As a trusted resource, Spherix provides a balanced perspective of the market and an in-depth understanding of the ever-evolving landscape to help our clients uncover the "why" behind decisions. The more our clients understand their markets, the better they can tap into actionable insights.

Q: As a thought leader in the industry, how does Spherix contribute to shaping the future of dermatological treatments and patient care?

A: By utilizing our robust data coupled with our deep therapeutic knowledge fueled by community dermatologists and KOLs, Spherix strategically advises manufacturers on the future of treatments and patient care. Spherix provides an unbiased and holistic market view to our clients across the product lifecycle that informs the future of dermatology.

Q: What is Spherix looking forward to in its partnership with Dermatology Times?

A: Spherix is most excited to learn from and collaborate with Dermatology Times. Given Dermatology Times' legacy as a trusted resource, we hope to bring additional value to its audience and are looking forward to enhancing our relationship with the dermatology community by sharing our research and insights.

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