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New Technology to Assist in Practice Management


The device, produced by Sensus Healthcare, is cloud-based and utilizes OpenAI technology.

Sensus Cloud, a new device which utilizes OpenAI and cloud-based technologies to assist in practice management, may soon become available to physicians, according to a recent press release.1

Sensus Cloud, courtesy of Sensus Healthcare
Sensus Cloud, courtesy of Sensus Healthcare

Sensus Healthcare, Inc., a medical device manufacturer producing devices for non-surgical cancer and keloid scar treatments, announced the news prior to the 2023 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. At the conference, Sensus Healthcare representatives demonstrated the device’s new features, technology, and more.

The device is said to be able to provide faster, more accurate information related to patients’ health and improved, more specific, and personalized treatment options in real time.

“Sensus Cloud provides real-time status information about device use, number of patients treated, treatment types, serums used, service/maintenance information, system reporting/analytics, and patient images,” according to the press release. “The software service collects pertinent information from each machine so there is no need to manually enter information or use two separate systems–one to treat patients and another to track them. This allows for automatic appointment scheduling and billing.”

Through an OpenAI engine that is both private and HIPAA-compliant, the device will allow dermatologists and healthcare providers with the ability to access patient information via electronic medical record management.

For additional security, the device is equipped with multi-factor authentication and encryption, and it is programmed to notify users any time changes have been made to data or information stored in the system.

“This ensures that unauthorized access is detected quickly and corrective action can be taken, keeping patient information safe at all times,” the press release said.

The device also includes predictive analytics, an optional feature that suggests potential treatments or warns of potential problems based on data accumulated from current patterns.

In addition to improving practice management capabilities, the Sensus Cloud device provides physicians with the ability to collaborate with other healthcare providers.

Currently, the distribution and availability of the Sensus Cloud device will be determined based on when or if clearances and approvals become available.

Sensus Cloud is just one of several practice management innovations announced this year. In 2023 alone, several devices have been cleared or are available to assist dermatologists and healthcare professionals in their practice, including DermaSensor’s skin cancer detection device, Convatec’s InnovaBurn for burn care, and tools for combatting language barriers to provide optimal care.


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