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Miiskin Platform Adds Remote Refill Access


The skin tracking platform by Miiskin has added a new feature that allowed users to submit prescription requests virtually.

As many patients need dermatologists to monitor their conditions every 6 to 12 months in order to have a prescription refilled in most states, Miiskin aims to help by launching the Medication Refill Visit platform. The digital health platform has more than 700,000 users worldwide to monitor the skin and request digital skin evaluations with a provider. This new feature is available on the Miiskin App to patients of dermatology clinics who use Miiskin PRO, according to the press release. Its goal is to help patients see their dermatologists to request a prescription refill in a timely manner.

This new function was created with the expectation that it could replace a great amount of in-person dermatology visits for routine medication renewals. Instead of going to the office, patients at dermatology clinics using Miiskin PRO would answer a clinical questionnaire about their current treatment needs and health history. Then, they would upload relevant photos on the app. After all the information is provided, the physician can review the responses and concerns and decide whether to refill the prescription.

“The Medication Refill Visit tool has been instrumental in my practice, in terms of time saved for both patients and myself as a provider,” said Margareth Pierre-Louis, MD, MBA, FAAD, Twin Cities Dermatology Center founder and medical director. “Patients are more likely to continue on a medication regimen when it’s easy to access, which supports improving overall skin health in the long run.” She said that many of her patients have used the app to refill medications without having to step into the clinic.

Miiskin uses machine learning, computer vision, and augmented reality to help users take photos of individual areas of the skin and full-body photographs to monitor and track various skin conditions. All photos are stored and encrypted within the app, not within the phone's photo gallery, to ensure privacy and convenience, the press release explained. Patients of clinics utilizing Miiskin PRO can share pictures and symptoms digitally with their provider for an assessment, allowing for increased accuracy of a diagnosis and treatment plan.


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