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Marketing of derma spa extends patient care


Medina, Ohio — In a market saturated with competitors, those who offer dermatologic and cosmetic services may wonder how they can stand out in a crowd that is becoming more sophisticated each day.

While the task seems daunting, there is a concept that is working for Trillium Creek, a world-class dermatology, skincare and integrative medicine center, that can be transferred to any size practice.

Dream facility

According to Dr. Helen Torok, "Marketing is an effective tool to help promote the educational opportunities available for our patients. Marketing not only promotes our practices, but allows us a venue to educate our patients on disease states and treatment options and to promote the field of dermatology. It's a phenomenal tool that we incorporate and use in many aspects of the practice."

Specialized events have been one of the most successful offerings at Trillium Creek.

"Although we've only been open for two years, we're finding that the best driver of our business is specialized events. We offer these a lot to expose patients to the facility and what we have to offer," says Nancy Van Alphen, marketing director for Trillium Creek.

Today's new marketing

In the past, successful marketing of any practice was tied directly to advertising campaigns - the more ads in magazines and newspapers, the more clients the practice brought in. Those who have the budget can continue on this route, but if a consistent ad campaign cannot be supported financially, a practice should save its money, according to Ms. Van Alphen.

"There is an ebb and flow even with the amount of advertising we do. We're finding that too many ads look alike and the customer cannot differentiate yours from others. What your marketing efforts should be about is the experience you can offer the patient, and customer service that goes along with it - these are the things that bring them back," Ms. Van Alphen says.

"For instance, the one thing we offer that is different (from other practices) is a holistic medicine approach - an approach that Dr. Leonard Torok now specializes in. We make certain that we bring a very natural approach to everything we do. While we offer traditional drug therapy, natural remedies complement these, as well."

Educational component

Substantiating the services a practice provides is done best through special events, and Trillium Creek literally specializes in this by holding an event each month.

While its events range from "Diva Night," where 78 women (wearing feather boas and sipping cocktails) paid for an evening of spa treatments, medical demonstrations, dancing, eating and a tour of the practice, to a Women's Wellness Day, the key to success for each is bringing in an educational aspect.

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