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Managing aBCC and aCSCC With Cemiplimab: Tips From Matthew Reynolds, PA-C


Reynolds discussed what attendees need to know about using cemiplimab to target their difficult skin cancer patients at the Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference for PAs and NPs.

In an interview with Dermatology Times®, Matthew Reynolds, PA-C, a practicing physician assistant at Arkansas Dermatology, discussed his presentation from the 2023 Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference for PAs and NPs, “Co-Managing Patients With Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma (aBCC) and Advanced Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma (aCSCC) in the Immunotherapy Era.”

Reynolds encouraged the PA and NP community to use cemiplimab (Libtayo; Regeneron) as an efficacious treatment for patients with advanced non-melanoma skin cancers. Additionally, it’s crucial to work with your practice’s multidisciplinary team to best assess and treat patients with advanced BCC or CSCC.


Reynolds: Hey everyone, my name is Matt Reynolds, I'm a dermatology physician assistant. I work in Little Rock, Arkansas, with Arkansas Dermatology, as well as Arkansas Research Trials.

Dermatology Times: What are the most important highlights from your session, "Co-managing Patients With Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma and Advanced Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Immunotherapy Era?"

Reynolds: So, I think what I really want all the PA NP community to realize is that we do have a great product for our patients that have advanced non-melanoma skin cancer. For our patients that have locally advanced or metastatic cutaneous squamous cell, it's important to note that Libtayo exists as an option. Furthermore, for your patients that have locally advanced, as well as metastatic basal cell who have previously been on a hedgehog inhibitor, Libtayo is also an option. And, again, when you treat these patients and you have them come through your practice, just remember that you have this option. It is an infusible product. So, you do have to use your medical oncology team. But again, this is the time when the multidisciplinary approach is really just the most pivotal when you have these types of patients rolling through your practice.

Dermatology Times: What is the value of a meeting that brings together dermatologists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners?

Reynolds: I think the greatest value to conferences like this where we have our PA, NP colleagues, you know, attending side by side with our MDs and DOs. I think it's really just a showing of the commitment that they have to us in this overall dermatology team approach. We realize that we all need to coexist in this environment, we all are treating the same types of patients. And it's important now more than ever that we work together. I think the other thing that I would say is that this conference specifically highlights the most advanced level education, the advanced treatment options that we can possibly use for our patients. And I always have a great time when I'm here. I always feel like the education is top-notch. And that's why I keep coming.

Dermatology Times: What educational content have you enjoyed most from the meeting?

Reynolds: I think my favorite thing that I've witnessed so far with this conference has been the mentoring for a leadership session, which was in the very early sessions yesterday. Obviously, I can tell the commitment that the FRED conference has made into giving us information that we need to better educate ourselves when we're negotiating for contracts or we're looking for new jobs. But I think it's very important for everyone to kind of realize that this conference is really the only place where you're going to get topics like that, that are focused on career development and advancement as you progress through your career in dermatology.

[Transcript edited for clarity]

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