The Mainstream Patient: May 25, 2020


In this week's edition we take a look at the world of injectables, the effects diabetes can have on the skin and how to correctly administer an at-home chemical peel. 

Introducing The Mainstream Patient, a weekly glimpse into what your patients may be reading in the media about skin health.

In this week’s edition we take a look at the world of injectables with Allure revealing what physicians are doing when it comes to injectables and masks. Also, Shape provides an in-depth guide to filler injectables, while InStyle reveals what to do in-between Botox appointments if your clinic is still closed. We also feature another story by Shape explaining the effects diabetes can have on the skin. Meanwhile, Elle tackles what to do and not do when self-administering at-home chemical peels. Last, Allure writes about Johnson & Johnson ceasing distribution of talc-based baby powder in North America

A Complete Guide to Filler Injectables

How Cosmetic Doctors Are Approaching Injectables in a World That Calls for Masks

What to Do In-Between Botox Appointments

How Diabetes Can Change Your Skin – and What You Can Do About It

The Do’s and Don’ts of At-Home Chemical Peels

Johnson & Johnson Announces Talc-Based Baby Powder Will Be Discontinued in North America

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