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Interview Intersection: Expert Interviews From January 2024


Dermatology Times is recapping our top expert interviews from the month of January.

Paul Friedman, MD: An In-Depth Review of UltraClear Laser-Coring

Paul Friedman, MD, discusses the benefits of UltraClear Laser-Coring, patient downtime, how to decide what devices to have in your clinic, and more.

Guselkumab Significantly Clears Scalp Psoriasis in Patients With Skin of Color in Phase 3b VISIBLE

The VISIBLE clinical program will create a longitudinal collection of more than 20,000 clinical images across all skin tones. Jennifer Soung, MD, provides in-depth insights into the VISIBLE study and its real-world implications for clinicians.

Maral Kibarian Skelsey, MD, Shares Insights Into DermTech’s 2-GEP Assay Success

DermTech’s study results demonstrated that in patients with Fitzpatrick skin types IV-VI, all 3 melanomas diagnosed by histopathology were correctly identified by the 2-GEP assay as positive for LINC00518 and PRAME.

Jordan Miller, MD: 2024 Dermatology Predictions

Advancements in assistance from artificial intelligence include ambient listening to take notes during physician and patient conversations.

Marcelo Bigal, MD, PhD: VENT-03's Modality Offers Hope for Targeted Therapy in Skin Disorders

Marcelo Bigal, MD, PhD, discusses VENT-03's potential as a small molecule therapeutic in dermatology, among other fields.

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