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IFPA Announces Launch of Care Roadmap and Action Playbook for Psoriatic Disease


The IFPA Forum Roadmap for Asia outlines key advocacy demands and practical strategies to improve psoriatic care throughout the continent.

Source: IFPA
Source: IFPA

The IFPA has announced today1 the release of the IFPA Forum Roadmap for Asia and an accompanying Playbook for Action for care of individuals with psoriatic disease.

The IFPA Forum Roadmap for Asia is a strategic blueprint comprised of insights from regional experts and comprehensive discussions held during the IFPA Forum Asia 2023, held in Singapore. The roadmap sets a framework of advocacy demands and practical strategies aimed at improving psoriatic care standards throughout the continent.

The IFPA Forum Roadmap for Asia can be downloaded in English and/or Japanese here.2

The 16-page roadmap begins with 4 main themes, with an identified goal of ensuring better lives for individuals in Asia with psoriatic disease by 2026. Central to the IFPA Forum Roadmap for Asia are 4 themes identified during the meeting:

Access to Care for People with Psoriatic Disease

The roadmap advocates for improved access to care in an effort to ensure timely and comprehensive support for individuals with psoriatic disease, regardless of geographical or socioeconomic constraints.

Addressing and Managing Comorbidities

The roadmap emphasizes the importance of integrated care approaches to effectively manage health conditions connected directly and indirectly to psoriatic disease.

Mental Health and Psoriatic Disease

The roadmap also discusses the need for holistic care models that address both the physical and mental well-being of individuals with psoriatic disease.

Social and Familial Impact of Psoriatic Disease

Additionally, the roadmap advocates for tailored support systems that mitigate the psychosocial burden faced by patients with psoriatic disease and their loved ones.

In tandem with the roadmap, the IFPA also unveiled its "Playbook for Action,"3 a guide complete with actionable recommendations and resources tailored to each thematic area of the roadmap. The resource includes tools and insights for advocates needed to translate the roadmap's vision into advocacy initiatives.

The IFPA Playbook for Action can be accessed and downloaded here.

"IFPA remains committed to fostering collaboration and driving positive change for those affected by psoriatic disease," according to today's news release.1 "The roadmap and playbook collectively represent a powerful toolset, empowering advocates to navigate the path towards improved overall health and well-being for individuals living with psoriatic disease in Asia."


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