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Icahn School of Medicine Partners With Clinique, Establishing the Mount Sinai-Clinique Healthy Skin Dermatology Center


The partnership and newly-established center will develop dermatological research and delve into skin aging, skin allergies, and inflammatory or eczematous conditions.

Mount Sinai and Clinique recently announced a partnership, wherein the organizations will together establish the Mount Sinai-Clinique Healthy Skin Dermatology Center.

The partnership is aimed at advancing dermatological research, including in the areas of skin aging, skin allergies, and inflammatory and/or eczematous conditions such as atopic and contact dermatitis.

The Mount Sinai-Clinique Healthy Skin Dermatology Center's research agenda will center on expediting the development of new topical and systemic treatments for allergic skin conditions. The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between fundamental scientific knowledge and practical applications in clinical settings, offering relief and improved quality of life for individuals with allergic skin conditions.

“Years of chronic inflamed skin plays a role in premature aging. Extensive research has helped us understand the molecular map of skin conditions associated with allergy such as eczema and contact dermatitis, and we’re now at a pivotal point in addressing these conditions and more," said Emma Guttman, MD, PhD, Waldman Professor and System Chair at the Department of Dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine, in a news release. Guttman is also the director of both the Laboratory of Inflammatory Skin Diseases at Icahn Mount Sinai and the Center of Excellence in Eczema at Mount Sinai.

"With Clinique’s support, we will continue to actively explore targeted approaches to reversing eczematous and allergic skin conditions with the goal of creating and sustaining healthy skin," Guttman said. "In turn, we want to use this understanding to address and prevent the process of age-related inflammation or ‘inflammaging’ in the first place."

Clinique's President, Michelle Freyre, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the brand's longstanding commitment to dermatologist-guided solutions.

“As a brand that has offered dermatologist guided solutions and allergy tested solutions since its inception, Clinique is proud to partner with the renowned institution of Icahn Mount Sinai and its team of physician-scientists, led by a world-renowned expert in allergic and inflammatory skin diseases, Dr. Emma Guttman," Freyre said in a news release. "We are inspired by the team’s dedication to the research and future discoveries of allergic skin and its life impact, including aging. We are energized by our mutual commitment and steadfast belief that great skin can be created and maintained for all. I am confident that this first-of-its-kind partnership will enable groundbreaking research by leading physician-scientists dedicated to advancing allergy science."

In this partnership, Clinique has made philanthropic pledge of $5 million for a 7-year duration through the Mount Sinai-Clinique Healthy Skin Dermatology Center.

This funding will facilitate the recruitment of top-tier physicians and scientists, provide resources for cutting-edge equipment and laboratory space, and support essential personnel.

The research conducted by the center is set to encompass diverse demographics, examining factors like diet, exercise, and stress on the skin of healthy individuals.


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