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Derm In The News: January 14-20


Keep up with the latest headlines in dermatology from the past week, including wildfire smoke associated with a spike in dermatology visits, microbiome research findings tied to skin aging, and more.

UMass Chan Medical School: Aspiring dermatologist creates career exposure program for students in Worcester

Yuying Zhang, a second-year medical student and first-generation college student who immigrated from China, collaborated with UMass Chan Department of Dermatology to establish a diversity pipeline program in Worcester, aiming to expose students of all backgrounds to careers in medicine. Panels, career fairs, and collaborations with community programs are part of her efforts.

Mexico News Daily: Mexican expertise in aesthetic medicine and dermatology

This article discusses the booming trend of medical tourism in Mexico, with an estimated 1.4 million people, primarily from the US, Canada, and Europe, seeking up to a 60% cost reduction for medical procedures. Daniela Lara Del Valle, founder and CEO of Clinica de la Piel Dermantra in San Miguel de Allende, shares insights on cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, emphasizing the importance of reputable professionals and continued education. She discusses her journey in dermatology, the services offered at her clinic, and the popularity of cosmetic treatments.

Medical News Today: Microbiome reveals new clues about skin aging

Researchers at the Center for Microbiome Innovation at the University of California San Diego and L'Oréal Research and Innovation have discovered a potential link between skin microbiome diversity and signs of aging. Analyzing data from over 1,000 female participants aged 18–70, the study found a connection between microbiome diversity and crow's feet wrinkles, irrespective of age. The research suggests specific microbes may play a role in skin aging, influencing transepidermal water loss and hydration.

Laboratory Equipment: Genomics Approach Reveals Molecular Basis of Skin Pigmentation

New research, published in Nature Genetics, sheds light on the molecular basis of skin color variations among African populations. Skin pigmentation, especially in African populations, is influenced by 165 functional genomic variants, primarily in noncoding regions. The study, based on genome-wide association studies of skin color in over 1,500 eastern and southern African individuals, identified key regulatory variants in signaling pathways that regulate melanocyte differentiation. The research emphasizes the complexity of genetic factors influencing skin color and highlights the importance of studying diverse populations to enhance understanding of the genetics underlying complex human traits.

The Times: Wildfire smoke caused spike in skin complaints

A study published in Dermatology and Therapy revealed a correlation between increased carbon monoxide (CO) levels associated with the Canadian wildfires of 2023 and a rise in atopic dermatitis (AD), dermatitis, and eczema-related clinic visits in a Boston hospital system. Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital examined the impact of air pollution on skin health and found that the notable increase in CO levels in the Boston region during 2023 coincided with a spike in clinic visits for AD and related conditions.

Have you seen any dermatology headlines this week that we may have missed? Share with us by emailing our team at DTEditor@mmhgroup.com.

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