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Derm In The News: August 27-September 2


Keep up with the latest headlines in dermatology from the past week, including excimer laser market projections, an innovative skin health app developed by a California teenager, and more.

KQED: San Francisco Teen Creates a Free App to Calculate Skin Risk Based on Location

Seventeen-year-old India Poetzscher is behind the app "SkinChem," a tool that enables users to determine the level of environmental threat to their overall skin health based on their current region's sun exposure, air pollution, and more.

The Jerusalem Post: Doctors save woman from dying of rare deadly skin-peeling disease

Doctors at Soroka-University Medical Center in Beersheba, Israel, have been credited with providing life-saving treatment to a woman experiencing critical implications of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Her condition was diagnosed and treated by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, including dermatologists, intensive-care doctors, and opthalmologists.

Longview News Journal: Houston dermatologist develops new class of topical pain-relieving pharmaceuticals

Houston dermatologist Milton Moore, MD, has developed a new class of topical pain-relieving products, including the Moore Relief Pain Discomfort Lotion and Moore Relief Skin Revitalizing & Burn Lotion. These were initially formulated with skin-irritating conditions like eczema in mind, but can also be used in burn wound pain relief and healing.

Straits Research: Dermatology Excimer Laser Market Size is projected to reach USD 1.04 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 10.34%

According to data from Straits Research, technological advances have contributed to a projected market size increase for excimer lasers. In 2021, the market was valued at $429.11 million and is projected to reach $1.04 billion within the next 7 years.

Korea Biomedical Review: Dermatologists call for expanded reimbursement for psoriasis treatment

"Lowering the reimbursement threshold for biologics in psoriasis is imperative due to its challenging treatment nature and substantial impact on patient's quality of life," Kim Dong-hyun, a dermatology professor at CHA Bundang Medical Center in Seongnam, South Korea, said in Korea Biomedical Review.

Recently, the Korean Society for Psoriasis published expert consensus on the treatment of psoriasis.

Have you seen any dermatology headlines this week that we may have missed? Share with us by emailing our team at DTEditor@mmhgroup.com.

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