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Career Tips Every Derm Resident Should Know


Seven tips to help dermatology residents have a successful career.

There are many articles - and books - available on how to successfully match into your desired residency program. But once you do, then what?  


First, celebrate! You’ve passed a major - and majorly stressful - hurdle. Don’t forget to appreciate your achievement!


Handle your money carefully. We know, you’ve got plenty else to worry about, and finances are not much fun to add to the list. But it’s worthwhile to develop a budget and stick to it.



Plan for the future. Now is also the time to get into the habit of saving: learning about 401(k) plans, IRAs, and other options for retirement. Even if it’s literally a couple of dollars, the habit of putting away money now is a great one, and what seems small now will mean a great deal later on.


Handle your stress. Residency is not a calming time of life. Make sure you’re not ignoring any health issues, and head off stress-related problems by making at least a little time for healthy eating, thinking and moving. and even socializing.


Network. Real networking isn’t about shaking hands and swapping business cards. It’s about finding people you genuinely find interesting and admirable, and developing relationships with them. Smart contacts, created genuinely, can make an enormous difference in your happiness, your success, and your career path. 


Explore and experiment. Just as you needed to investigate different specialties in med school, you should continue this process. Where would you like to practice? Do you want to focus on aesthetic dermatology, on a specific condition like psoriasis, or on another facet of dermatology? Give your specific interests room to develop.


Take time for you. Even if it’s only a couple of deep breaths as you walk across the parking lot, the tiniest moments of mindfulness can help you tremendously. Don’t forget the value of grounding yourself and staying present as you work through your residency!

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