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Campaign Seeks to Increase Number of Individuals Visiting Dermatologists for Skin Check


More than $600,000 have been donated to raise awareness of melanoma with the #Stickit2Melanoma pledge.

To boost awareness of melanoma and inspire consumers to take the pledge to see a dermatologist, leading genomics company DermTech launched its third annual #Stickit2Melanoma pledge in May, which was Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month. For each pledge, the company donated $5 to their non-profit partner organizations that support skin cancer advocacy.

By RFBSIP/Adobe Stock

By RFBSIP/Adobe Stock

DermTech shared with Dermatology Times® that they have donated more than $600,000 since 2021 to help raise awareness of melanoma and the importance of regular skin exams and is committed to donating up to $1 million through 2025. 

A national survey of more than 500 participants revealed that 74.2% of respondents had not had a full skin exam in the prior 12 months, despite almost half, 48.9%, admitting either they have changing moles or do not know if their moles are changing.1

Also, about 55% of respondents said they had either never been to a dermatologist or had not seen one in the previous 2 years.

“Too many people are not scheduling skin exams, despite the fact that early melanoma detection is key for positive treatment outcomes,” said Todd Wood, chief commercial officer of DermTech, in a press release.

Because May is often the beginning of the season to travel to beaches and spend more time in the sun, it was a perfect opportunity to bring greater awareness to sun protection and the early signs of skin cancer. 

Emphasizing the importance of skin checks to rural residents is also vital because studies have shown that these individuals are less likely to take sun protection measures. A 2019 study of sun protection habits in rural Texas communities showed that these residents were less likely to seek shade or use sunscreen compared with their urban counterparts. Although rural populations tended to use a higher SPF sunscreen, they were more likely to have a higher number of blistering sunburns over the course of their lives, beginning at the age of 5 years.2

DermTech distributed stickers to doctors’ offices across the country to encourage patients to take the #Stickit2Melanoma pledge in person. Patients could also get UV bracelets that change color when the wearer should consider getting out of the sun. 

Funds from the campaign will contribute to events, educational content, and programs to raise awareness of melanoma.


1. New Survey Data reveals nearly 75% of consumers have not had a full skin exam within the past 12 months. DermTech. May 2023. Accessed June 13, 2023. https://investors.dermtech.com/news-releases/news-release-details/new-survey-data-reveals-nearly-75-consumers-have-not-had-full.

2. Cunningham SA, Yu R, Shete S. Differences in sun protection behaviors between rural and urban communities in Texas. J Rural Health. 2019;35(2):155-166. doi:10.1111/jrh.12350 


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