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Alanna Bree, MD, Will Share Strategies to Boost Patient Confidence


Bree will discuss the organization she founded and how it helps children with skin diseases and birthmarks.

Pediatric dermatologists can play a special role in helping patients embrace the skin they are in. At the 2023 Society for Pediatric Dermatology Meeting in Asheville, North Carolina, Alanna Bree, MD, will present the session “Made a Masterpiece: Helping Our Patients Face the World with Confidence” on Saturday, July 15 at 9:05.

Bree founded Made a Masterpiece to help children, teens, and families of those with skin conditions and birthmarks learn to love their skin. The organization aims to increase awareness and support of skin diseases to help those living with them face the social, emotional, and spiritual challenges brought by looking different. Her session will showcase how dermatologists can get involved.

The Vision of Made a Masterpiece is: “We desire that every person comes to value themselves as the extraordinary works of art they were each created to be, and we envision a world where every individual, including those with skin conditions, are celebrated for their own unique beauty.”1

Alanna Bree, MD, is founder of Made a Masterpiece.

Alanna Bree, MD, is founder of Made a Masterpiece.

Children with skin diseases and visible birthmarks face social, emotional, and developmental challenges that can lead to low self-esteem, lower self-confidence, and a reduction in social interactions. These difficulties also can cause higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide.1

The organization aims to lift children and teens up and show them that they are special and beautiful so they can face the challenges with greater hope. The Made a Masterpiece logo encompasses many of the skin conditions that their community faces, including acne, alopecia areata, eczema, epidermolysis bullosa, ichthyosis, psoriasis, vitiligo, and many others.

“Since those with visible skin differences literally wear their disease, they often put on an invisible armor in public to shield themselves from the stares and rude comments of others.”1 Through the support of Made a Masterpiece, children and families have someone who understands their challenges.

Sagis Diagnostics is the leading donor of Made a Masterpiece, but many businesses, individuals, and other organizations offer financial support so resources can made available online to families and physicians.

Made a Masterpiece provides education, resources, and support through podcasts, mentors, online meetup groups, and more. The resources are free and the hope is that through education and support, those with skin conditions can face the world with confidence.


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