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6 gadgets that just might make your workday easier


From portable desks to bluetooth trackpads, this is the latest and greatest roundup of organizational must-haves for the busy dermatologist.

There are plenty of distractions in the daily life of a dermatologist that could derail his or her productivity. Whether it’s to reach an acceptable work-life balance or to avoid burnout, striving for organization, efficiency and using anything and everything that might help to get your work done at a reasonable time and with reasonable ease becomes a daily objective. So when Lifehack.org says these gadgets can help streamline the day and boost productivity, we listen. Here are six things we think could become one of your next great daily problem solvers:

1. Cable Connection
Tired of reaching under your desk to retrieve computer cables that fall off your desk? Put an end to the nonsense with the Base Magnetized Wood Cable Tidy, a $35 magnetized gadget that seamlessly fits on most desks and keeps cables where they belong.

2. Desk with a View
Dermatologists who speak at conferences or travel for work might like the idea of setting up their work desks on hotel room windows. The $235 DeskView Lightweight Standing Desk is a portable desk that mounts on surfaces with suction cups. The desk is big enough to accommodate a laptop.

3. Ergonomic Monitor
This monitor stand offers a place to slide your keyboard so that it’s out of the way. The $39.99 Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand with Four USB 3.0 Ports and Headphone / Microphone Extension Ports not only raises the monitor to a more ergonomic level, but it also comes equipped with a port for 4 USB connections and microphone ports.

4. Desk on a Desk
Even doctors might find they spend long periods sitting at their desks. At $84, the Standing Desktop Converter with Monitor Shelf gives those sitting the option of standing while working. It sits on top of the desk - like a desk on a desk.

5. Modern Speaker / Charger
Gadget lovers will like this bluetooth wireless speaker that features a range of 33 feet and lots of other functions. The Youmi Multi-Function Stereo Bluetooth Wooded Environmental Speaker Wireless Charger, retailing for $67.99 includes a thermometer, clock, alarm and Qi wireless charger. It’s also nice looking.

6. Bluetooth Trackpad
The Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac works up to 30 feet away from the workstation and offers rechargeable convenience that allows users to recharge (using the USB cable) while they work. This Mac-compatible gadget has a sleek, low profile design and retails for $139.99.

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