Author | Ilya Petrou, MD


The evolution of skin cancer

April 23, 2019

Learn about the most important surgical and medical advancements in skin cancer treatments as they developed over time.

Dermoscopy: The dermatologist’s stethoscope

March 27, 2019

There have been major technological advances in optical imaging techniques over the last decade, but the dermatoscope remains the diagnostic tool of choice for the quick and accurate imaging of pigmented skin lesions. Find out why in this article.

The immunology and immunotherapy of melanoma

March 22, 2019

Continued research has led to a variety of melanoma immunotherapy medications, leading to improved survival of melanoma patients. Clinicians should have a firm grasp of the immune mechanisms behind these novel therapies to provide the best advice on treatment and management options of their melanoma patients

Fewer follow-ups for localized melanoma

June 27, 2018

Some melanoma patients prefer fewer follow-up visits, but only if self-skin examinations were utilized at home or teledermatology implemented for a quick assessment.