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At the core, our devices focus on dermatologic conditions, requiring more effective therapeutic options and more acceptable to patient standards and levels of safety. Aerolase develops scalable, leading-edge devices for forward-thinking medical professionals who want to deliver top-of-the-line therapies, immeasurable patient experiences, and incredible patient results for all things skin-related. We develop lasers with everything you need to take your work to the next level power, capability, and advanced features.

Round Table Discussion on Aerolase Energy-Based Devices For Comprehensive Skincare Treatments for Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-VI.

A roundtable discussion featuring esteemed dermatologists Valerie Calendar, MD, FAAD, Chesahna Kindred, MD, MBA, FAAD, and Cheryl Burgess, MD, delves into the applications and advancements of Aerolase energy-based devices in dermatology, offering valuable insights and expertise in the field. This event brings together these world-renowned experts to explore the latest developments and best practices for utilizing Aerolase technology in dermatological treatments

Cheryl Burgess, MD, FAAD

Board Certified Dermatologist

Valerie Callender, MD, FAAD

Board Certified Dermatologist

Chesahna Kindred, MD, FAAD

Board Certified Dermatologist

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