NP and PA

The Nurse Practicing Act: What You Need to Know
June 19, 2022

Barbara McElroy, MSN, CRNI, VA-BC, explains the responsibility a nurse has to their patient and how the Nurse Practicing Act needs to be more well-known.

How the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants was Created
June 19, 2022

Joe Monroe, MPAS, PA, details how he helped found the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants and reflects on the opposition they encountered along the way.

Which Rosacea Treatment Protocol is the Best Fit for Your Patients?
June 17, 2022

In part two of her presentation at the 2022 SDPA Annual Summer Meeting, Shanna M. Miranti, MPAS, PA-C, discusses the best treatment regimen for your rosacea patients.

Finding the Right Acne Regimen for Your Patients
June 17, 2022

Shanna M. Miranti, MPAS, PA-C, details how to determine which medications, products, and overall regimen will work for your acne patients.

How to Navigate Difficult Situations
June 17, 2022

Melissa Mauskar, MD, details how to handle difficult situations and conversations within your practice at the 2022 Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants Annual Summer Meeting in Austin, Texas.

The Latest in Off-Label Use of Medications
June 16, 2022

At the SDPA 2022 Annual Summer Dermatology Conference, a session on the correct use of off-label prescribing to dermatological patients.

How to Optimize Your Cell Phone Camera for Your Dermatology Practice
June 16, 2022

Imagery is an essential part is diagnosing and documenting your patients’ skin. Joe Monroe, MPAS, PA, presented on how to effectively use your cell phone camera at the 2022 SDPA Annual Summer Meeting held June 16-19, 2022, in Austin, Texas.

How to Build a Social Media Presence
June 16, 2022

Savanna Perry, PA-C, revealed her secrets to building a successful social media presence online for both your personal brand as a physician assistant and your practice.

PAs: Improving Access to Care in Dermatology
May 02, 2022

Heather Gates, PA-C, vice president of the Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants discusses the role of PAs in an interview held at the 2022 New Wave Dermatology Conference in Florida.

Post-Procedure Infection Prevention
May 01, 2022

Scott Freeman, PA-C, talks post-procedure infection prevention at the current New Wave Dermatology conference.