Practice Management

Selling Your Practice: Leading Change When Transitioning
November 17, 2020

Todd Petersen, CEO of VitalSkin Dermatology, discusses how to best lead your team through change when selling and transitioning your practice.

What You Don’t Know and Should Know About Passwords
November 17, 2020

J.D. Norcross, director of information technology at VitalSkin Dermatology, discusses some myths and best practices with digital passwords you should know to help keep your practice information safer.

Negotiating better managed care contracts
October 20, 2020

Jerri Ivey, director of revenue cycle management at VitalSkin Dermatology, shares steps you can take and ways you can educate yourself in order to negotiate better managed care contracts. 

Selling your practice: The due diligence, legal documentation and final negotiation phases 
October 19, 2020

Todd Petersen, CEO of VitalSkin Dermatology, covers the ins and outs of the due diligence, legal documentation and final negotiation stages of selling a practice. 

Selling your practice: Solicit a letter of intent, negotiate material terms of sale
September 21, 2020

In this month's article on Selling Your Practice, we discuss letter of intent (LOI), soliciting letter(s) of intent, and negotiating the material terms for a sale of your practice.

Optimize your dermatology practice by prioritizing these 5 tasks
September 17, 2020

Jeremy Youse, M.D., founding partner, medical director and practicing dermatologist at VitalSkin Dermatology discusses which tasks he and other dermatologists want control over to get the most out of practicing and running their offices efficiently each day.

What to expect with the 2021 E&M revisions
August 17, 2020

Jerri Ivey, director of revenue cycle management at VitalSkin Dermatology, shares details on the upcoming 2021 E&M revisions, including what changes are taking place, the why behind the revisions, and what steps you can take to prepare.

Developing a confidential information memorandum, approaching potential acquirers, and signing non-disclosure agreements
August 17, 2020

One expert offers insight into how to develop a confidential information memorandum and approach potential buyers, and when to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Develop a list of potential buyers, and perform your own initial due diligence
July 20, 2020

This month, Todd Peterson, CEO of VitalSkin Dermatology, focuses on how to identify potential buyers and perform your own initial due diligence on them before putting your practice up for sale.

How to get the right fit when hiring
July 17, 2020

Expert tips and techniques on the best ways to select, hire and retain the right people for your team.