Acne Awareness

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Acne Awareness

Zits. Pimples. Nearly 90% of Americans will experience at least minor acne breakouts at some time in their lives. They are all too familiar with the bumps and redness associated with even mild disease. However, many are still unaware of the true physical and psychological burden of this challenging condition.

Dermatology Times® developed this exclusive Consortium on Acne Awareness to fill this information gap and accelerate the journey from care to cure. This dynamic tool showcase advances in therapies and modalities, innovative clinical pearls, statistics, and research that are major steps in combatting the nation’s most widespread skin condition.

Continually updated, this resource is a nexus not only for news and expert advice from leaders in the specialty, but also from visionaries in adjunct fields from nutrition to mental health and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Must-see headline briefs, articles, podcasts, and videos keep the specialty’s medical professionals at the cutting edge of holistic patient care.

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