Women's Health

Managing Postpregnancy Hormonal Skin Issues in Breastfeeding Women
September 15, 2022

Being a new mother has many challenges, including dermatological changes.

Best Practices for Treating Stretch Marks in Pregnancy
September 14, 2022

Stretch marks affect up to 90% of pregnant women.

The Mainstream Patient: August 15
August 15, 2022

This week's edition of the Mainstream Patient features stories about adult acne, Native American beauty products, a non-irritating retinol serum, beauty brands that support abortion rights, and more.

Clinical Study Shows Positive Results of Nutraceutical Supplement to Promote Hair Growth
July 14, 2022

Perimenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal women experienced a progressive improvement in hair growth, shedding, quality of life, and menopausal symptoms after 12 months with an active nutraceutical supplement.

Researchers Investigate Psoriasis and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
July 14, 2022

A study published in JAAD International examined the association between psoriasis and adverse pregnancy outcomes (APOs) and found that providers should be on the lookout for ectopic pregnancies (EP) in this population.

New Low-Level Light Therapy Shows Promising Results for CCCA
June 14, 2022

First clinical results for the treatment of central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia in Black women introduce more inclusive solutions.

Melanoma risk significant among pregnant women
January 21, 2016

Study finds women diagnosed with malignant melanoma during their pregnancy or within one year of giving birth were more than five times more likely to die than women who weren't pregnant. Routine skin examinations may need to be included as part of postpartum appointments.

Estrogen replacement therapy benefits variety of skin concerns
September 01, 2012

Eight years after the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) linked estrogen supplementation to breast cancer and heart disease, the impact of estrogen withdrawal is obvious in a less-than-obvious location; hormone-deficient vulvar disease is becoming more common, according to F. William Danby, M.D.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in dermatology draws mixed reviews
August 01, 2012

The use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) in dermatology is preferable to using synthetic hormones because potential overdose is less hazardous, and bioidentical hormones are not known to be carcinogenic, says Julie T. Hunter, M.D., founder and director of Wholistic Dermatology in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Female pattern alopecia management requires systematic approach
August 01, 2012

A systematic approach helps to guide the workup and management of female pattern alopecia (FPA), according to Mary Gail Mercurio, M.D.